CELISTICS is the leading provider of distribution and intelligent logistics solutions for the telecommunications industry in Latin America.

CELISTICS transforms the way products are handled through the use of solutions with the latest technology to manage supply chain, processes, distribution, and financing, positioning itself as a strategic partner to its customers.

Channel Distribution

CELISTICS provides access to channels, enabling customers, operators, and manufacturers to increase sales whenever they decide to develop their business in new markets.

Through our systems, a market analysis can be provided for swift decision adjustments in production, go-to-market strategies, and product portfolio management.

Our proprietary specialized tools and logistics infrastructure allows both manufacturers and carriers to increase market share, strengthen cash-flow capabilities, reduce inventory, increase customer satisfaction, and improve time-to-market.

Our strong presence in Latin America and strategic business relationships with our partners worldwide, has turned CELISTICS into the most advanced distribution processing and logistics company in the region.

Plans, controls and manages the distribution of your product through a high performance platform.

C- Advanced is a unique distribution service that provides customized intelligent logistics, enabling carriers and manufacturers to oversee the point of sale through state-of-the-art supply chain services.

C- Advanced uses CELISTICS’ innovative technology systems, allowing our customers to make swift decision adjustments in production, go-to-market strategies, and product management.

Provides intelligent solutions enabling efficient inventory management at the point of sale.

C- Channel is an intelligent replenishment system that allows our customers to increase product availability by optimizing inventory at the point of sale.

C- Channel is a state-of the-art system that provides intelligent solutions enabling efficient inventory management at the point of sale. Our customers are subject to the competitive pressures of their industries and sophisticated users who demand innovative and speedy solutions—these are the factors that characterize today’s global business environment.

CELISTICS has expertise and a comprehensive vision of the entire supply chain. Our customers can benefit from a dynamic demand system, which will enable them to improve their efficiency. With this offer, C-Channel reinforces its commitment to customers and channels, providing them with optimal amounts of required products at the point of sale.

CELISTICS understands and optimizes product inventory, as this is one of the cornerstones of success.

Delivers accurate, intelligent information for real-time decision-making.

C-Management is a complete information management system—business intelligence—for all processes at the point of sale. It provides real-time visibility into sales planning and inventory.

C-Management offers a key tool for carriers and manufacturers to help manage information and processes at the point of sale.

CELISTICS is the fastest growing intelligent logistics and distribution operator in Latin America. Being the link that connects the mobile ecosystem in Latin America, CELISTICS controls every market in the region. Through C-Management, CELISTICS provides real-time channel visibility, allowing our customers to make accurate decisions, and ultimately strengthen their cash-flow capabilities, reducing inventory, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving time-to-market.


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