CELISTICS is the leading provider of distribution and intelligent logistics solutions for the telecommunications industry in Latin America.

CELISTICS transforms the way products are handled through the use of solutions with the latest technology to manage supply chain, processes, distribution, and financing, positioning itself as a strategic partner to its customers.

International Logisitics

We manage the international distribution of more than 10 billion mobile devices and technology equipment as we continue to expand our presence in Latin America.

Through Sure Destiny, one of the companies that makes up CELISTICS Group, we operate four (4) Control Towers that offer 24/7 service, providing complete coverage and operational supervision through experts that are especially trained in air and sea transportation logistics.

In Brazil, Mexico, Miami, USA, and Panama, our towers are strategically placed where our customers’ shipments originate and connect, reducing response times throughout the distribution chain—all thanks to our ability to provide action plans and communicate proactive, immediate instructions on how to handle shipments.

CELISTICS provides support, guidance, and analysis throughout the implementation process, including analysis of origin/destination and assignments based on best rates and conditions from major freight forwarders in the market, enabling customers to maximize cost control and savings. In order to have the best product flow from multiple origins to multiple destinations, we have the best-in-class tracking capabilities, professional results analytics, and strategic hub locations.

Our strength lies in our ability to centralize integrated processes and negotiate transportation costs through a single intermediary, which allows us to obtain cost savings, and allows our customers to benefit from the most cost effective solutions.



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