CELISTICS is the leading provider of distribution and intelligent logistics solutions for the telecommunications industry in Latin America.

CELISTICS transforms the way products are handled through the use of solutions with the latest technology to manage supply chain, processes, distribution, and financing, positioning itself as a strategic partner to its customers.

Domestic Logistics

CELISTICS offers comprehensive logistics services, transporting and distributing millions of units with high efficiency. CELISTICS is also able to expand and implement the required infrastructure systems in Latin America and the US, raising the bar to the highest industry standards.

Our planning strategy for distribution prepares every product in accordance to our customers’ product specifications, meeting the needs of every sales channel.

Our systems are capable of receiving multiple orders at all times, which are translated into work orders for collection, packaging, and shipping. Our clients are then able to serve multiple channels and plan their sales strategies accordingly.

To leverage our existing high volumes, we bring key knowledge of supply chain analysis for quality logistics, industry insight, and supplier relations to the negotiation table, generating significant savings to our clients.

All of our facilities operate following strict processes and procedures, starting at the receiving stage where all incoming products are inspected and statistical sampling quality procedures take place.

We understand the complexities of coordinating, preparing, and making deliveries to multiple channels, under varying circumstances, and with different requirements. As a result, we offer full service logistics with better product control, tracking, inventory, sales activity management, and guaranteed delivery accuracy.

Our processes ensure high performance and complete customer satisfaction. We carefully plan distribution routes with our suppliers to optimize deliveries and generate maximum efficiencies.


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