CELISTICS is the leading provider of distribution and intelligent logistics solutions for the telecommunications industry in Latin America.

CELISTICS transforms the way products are handled through the use of solutions with the latest technology to manage supply chain, processes, distribution, and financing, positioning itself as a strategic partner to its customers.


CELISTICS offers solutions and services to plan product purchases, orders, and inventory management, enforcing its expertise in comprehensive logistics.

Operators face the challenge of increasing revenue, and the way to meet this challenge is through the use of applications, solutions, and services customized to the needs of each customer. Due to the high demand of mobile devices, manufacturers find themselves in a race where technology and evolution are the main goal.

Furthermore, knowledge plays a critical role in this ecosystem. At CELISTICS, we know which devices has greater market demand and we take the product closer to the digital citizen—guaranteed and on time.

C-Planning is the supply chain control through the optimization of processes, and preparation of manufacturing synchronization of inbound products with local demand.

C-Planning uses proprietary tools and IT systems, as well as a team of experts, providing optimal distribution through supply chain management.

We are the link that connects the Mobile Ecosystem in Latin America. We plan, purchase, and distribute mobile devices through intelligent logistics and distribution.



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